Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Rides

Late news again! Well, just one small item at least. Waaaaaaaay back in June, my art was featured on the Pixar Times blog in anticipation for Cars 2. I was asked to design a Muppet–themed car (surprise, surprise) for the Pixart contest. I did a combination of the always hip and profitable Dr. Teeth with the classic Electric Mayhem bus. Thanks to Jerrod Maruyama (a very talented artist) for inviting me to participate!

In much more up-to-date news, I was invited back as a guest artist for the brilliantly written Cutting Room webcomic! I've really come to enjoy working with these guys, and much thanks for their kind words about my art. Just a heads up, this week's comic I did is a bit more PG than my usual stuff and comes off a bit violent. You've been warned!

And finally, while you can still go over and enjoy all the good times at, the site will be getting a huge facelift within the next month or so and switch over to Wordpress. I haven't yet decided (or more realistically figured out) how this will effect or change this blog, but I suppose we won't break many eggs as barely anyone reads this. HA!

However, if you are one of the enlightened members of the human race who do follow along here, then please remember to follow me on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, because from what I'm to understand, those two sites in particular are somewhat more popular than my own. AND don't forget to visit my Etsy shop and get some sweet custom art for yourself or a gift for someone special! Peace, love, and recycle!

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