Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This news is bananas AND weird!

First off, there's some fun new art for you to enjoy over at Deviantart! You can enjoy a collection of vector art, including the wily and elusive Banana Snake, as well as the World's Greatest Detective — The Bat Intruder!

In other news, I am proud to announce that I am officially listed as a staff member on the fantabulous Muppet Mindset! It is really an honor to be the Mindset's go–to artist. Ryan is a good friend of mine, and he is so genuinely kind and razor sharp smart, and I'm delighted he nabbed me to do all this stuff for him.

Finally, the legendary Weird Al Yankovic has written his first children's book, and I got to meet him at a signing where he graciously took pictures and signed autographs for everyone who came. Weird Al has been a hero of mine since I was a little kid, and meeting him was a once in a lifetime treat.

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